Top 10 Best Credit Cards for High School Students in USA

The credit card options for high school students in the USA were limited due to age and financial independence constraints. However, some financial institutions offered student-focused credit cards to help young individuals build responsible financial habits. Here is a list of considerations and potential options:

  1. Discover it® Student Cash Back: Discover offers student credit cards with features like cashback rewards, a good option for building credit responsibly.
  2. Journey Student Rewards from Capital One: Capital One provides a student credit card with features like cash back on purchases and no foreign transaction fees, suitable for students with varied spending habits.
  3. Bank of America® Customized Cash Rewards for Students: Bank of America offers a student version of its cash rewards card, allowing students to earn cash back on their purchases.
  4. Citi Rewards+ Student Card: Citi provides a student credit card with features like rounded-up rewards points and a low intro APR on purchases.
  5. Deserve® EDU Mastercard for Students: The Deserve® EDU Mastercard is designed for international students and those with limited credit history, offering cash back and other benefits.
  6. Wells Fargo Cash Back College Card: This card is designed for college students and offers cash back rewards, making it a suitable option for responsible credit building.
  7. Secured Credit Cards: Some high school students may consider secured credit cards, where they provide a security deposit as collateral. Secured cards from various issuers can be a viable option.
  8. State Employees’ Credit Union (SECU) Foundation: SECU offers a foundation-sponsored credit card program for students in North Carolina, assisting them in building credit responsibly.
  9. Credit Union Student Cards: Many credit unions offer student credit cards with lower interest rates and fees, providing a supportive environment for young individuals entering the world of credit.
  10. Petal® 1 “No Annual Fee” Visa® Credit Card: Petal offers a credit card designed for those with limited credit history, providing a pathway for responsible credit building.

When considering a credit card for high school students, it’s crucial to prioritize low fees, educational resources, and manageable credit limits to foster responsible financial habits. Additionally, parents or guardians should be involved in guiding young individuals through the process of building credit and using credit cards responsibly. Always check the latest terms, conditions, and eligibility criteria from the credit card issuers, as these details may change over time.

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